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When to Take Maternity Photos - Part 2

Updated: Apr 2

4. Weather Considerations:

If you plan an outdoor maternity photoshoot, it is essential to consider the weather conditions during different seasons. Avoid excessively hot or humid days, which can make the photoshoot uncomfortable. Similarly, avoid scheduling your session during rainy or chilly seasons if you prefer outdoor settings.

5. Photographer Availability:

Just like with newborn photos sessions, popular maternity photographers in Calgary often have busy schedules. It is advisable to book your session in advance, preferably during your second trimester, to secure the photographer of your choice. This also allows time for discussions with the photographer about your vision, locations, and any specific themes you may have in mind.

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6. Personal Comfort and Confidence:

Every expecting mother's comfort level with her changing body and desire to document her pregnancy differs. Take into consideration your personal confidence and comfort with your baby bump when deciding on the timing of your maternity photoshoot. Choose a stage where you feel most beautiful, confident, and excited to celebrate this memorable time.

Capture the beauty and joy of your pregnancy by planning your maternity photoshoot at the ideal stage of your journey. Schedule your session between 28 and 36 weeks when your baby bump is prominent, you feel comfortable, and you have the energy to enjoy the experience. Remember to consider the weather, secure a photographer in advance, and choose a timing that aligns with your personal comfort and confidence level. With careful planning and timing, your maternity photos will reflect the radiant glow and the remarkable journey of motherhood.


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