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What to wear for newborn photos?

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

What to wear for newborn family photos?

Choosing the right clothing for a newborn photo session is important to capture beautiful and timeless images. Here are some tips on what to consider when selecting outfits for a newborn photoshoot:

Tips for what to wear for newborn photo session

1. What should my newborn baby wear for photoshoot?

Good news is, you don't need to worry about your baby's outfits. Your newborn photographer will provide everything for your little one including knit rompers, wraps in your favorite colors, cute outfits etc. There are three options that your newborn baby might be wearing for family portrait. The first option is going naked. Yes, you heard that right. Your baby will go completely naked, without diaper for their photos. With professional posing, positioning and artistic angle from your photographer, all you can see is beautiful perfect photos that ready to show the world.

- Your newborn baby can be wrapped for photos. As an experienced newborn photographer, I have different wrapping technique to guarantee that your family photos will be beautiful.

- Your baby can be dressed in a cute solid colour knit outfit. They are a stylish and practical choice, especially if parents prefer to have their newborn clothed for the photoshoot.The most favorite choices are white, pink, tan.

Calgary Newborn Photographer Newborn Photography
Family Photo

2. What should I dress older siblings for family photoshoot?

The rule of thumb is: wear something simple and comfortable. Avoid clothing with busy patterns, large logos, or distracting graphics. These can draw attention away from the main focus, which is the family and the newborn.

A solid color outfit is always a perfect choice for family photoshoot.

For big brother, short sleeves fitted shirt or T-shirt is perfect.

If you want to dress big sister wearing a dress, make sure you put on a pair of bike shorts underneath to avoid any exposure of undergarment.

Calgary Newborn Photographer Newborn Photography
Sibling Photo with newborn baby

3. What should Dad wear for newborn photoshoot?

A solid colour T-shirt! Avoid anything with pattern and big logo.

Calgary Newborn Photographer Newborn Photography
Parent Photo

4. What should Mom wear for family newborn photoshoot?

I get it! You just gave birth and nothing fit properly!

"Everything I try on making me look like I'm pregnant".

I got your back, Mom! First of all, repeat after me, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. When I do family portion in newborn photos, I tend to shoot from above with baby perfectly posed in mom/dad chest. Your belly mostly won't be shown in the photos.

I do have some dresses for you in my client closet that you're welcome to try on.

If you aren't sure about your outfit's option. Feel free to send me the photos of the outfits line up for a opinion from a professional newborn and maternity photographer.

Calgary Newborn Photographer Newborn Photography
Tiara Tran Photography - Calgary and areas

There you go, Newborn Photos What to Wear – tips to help you get ready for your newborn session! I hope these suggestions will help you plan for your upcoming newborn photography session. Are you interested in booking your Newborn Photographer in Calgary and areas? Send me a message below and let’s get started!

Newborn Photos Outfits – a small blog post to help you boost your confident for upcoming family newborn photoshoot.


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