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Top 5 reasons why you should book a newborn session ahead of time

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Calgary Newborn Photographer Newborn Photography
Book a newborn session while you're pregnant


Ask: When Should I Book A Newborn Session?

Answer: Book your newborn session when you're still pregnant


1. Remove the stress

The early days with a newborn are a time for rest, bonding, and cherishing those precious moments. Booking a newborn photographer ahead of time is a smart and stress-reducing decision, allowing you to relax and enjoy this special time with your baby, knowing that you've already taken care of capturing those invaluable memories. It's a thoughtful and practical choice that ensures you have the photographer you want, creating a sense of ease and preparedness during those early days. Life with a tiny little human is full of busyness and exhaustion. The to-do list is never ended. That is why it is important to reserve a photo shoot early in your pregnancy.

Calgary Newborn Photographer Newborn Photography
Newborn Photography in Calgary

2. A great suggestion for your baby shower's gift.

Most of professional maternity and newborn photographers in Calgary offer gift certificate options, which can be a fantastic idea for expecting parents. Sharing this information with friends, family, and baby shower attendees can lead to the wonderful gift of capturing these special moments with a professional photographer. Not only can you receive a free or partially paid-for session, but you may also receive additional credit to order prints or products featuring the beautiful images created during the sessions. It's a thoughtful and practical gift that allows loved ones to contribute to preserving these precious memories.

3. You can choose the photographer that you love

Over 1100 babies are born in Calgary every month and Tiara Tran Photography studio only takes 5 of them per month and our schedule fills quickly. By booking ahead of time your newborn session, you can secure your preferred photographer and the ideal time frame (7-14 days new) for capturing those precious newborn moments. By booking your newborn maternity photos early, you can choose the best photographer in Calgary.

4. You don't have much time once baby arrives

I know those last months of pregnancy feel like it takes forever. But it is not the case with a newborn stage. Once baby finally arrives, life will become too busy to think of anything else.

5. Styling is taken care of

If you book a newborn session early, your photographer will have extra time to plan the details (colors choices, themes, poses etc) so we both feel confident that you will be getting exactly what you want from your session. There will be no surprises!

Tiara Tran Photography - Maternity and Newborn Photographer in Calgary and areas

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Calgary Newborn Photographer Newborn Photography

Tiara Tran Photography is a photography studio located in NW Calgary. We are specialized in maternity and newborn photography with over 5 years experience in the industry.

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