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Parents Guide for Newborn Photo Session

Updated: May 4

Here's some really quick note to make our newborn session go smoothly.

Your newborn session is a time for you to sit back and relax Mom and Dad! That’s right, I said relax!

This session will be so fun! Do not stress (all babies cry) it will not ruin your session! All toddlers mess in my things haha and all kids talk lol! (And grandparents )

Although I do like a quiet atmosphere for babies, most are used to their siblings being around them and will sleep right through!

To do before session if possible

- Dress baby in something easy to remove like a zip up sleeper or solid white/neutral onesie we can use this under wraps.

- Bring a paci (even if they don’t take it at home) I can usually get them to take one during session and it makes changing props a breeze!

- Always bring back up milk/bottle ready to go if you are not nursing ! Feel free to bring siblings, grands, ect. But please make sure they know it’s a small studio and they will be stuck with me for up to two hours !

- Bring MORE diapers than you think you could use

You do NOT have to bring a thing to your session as far as props,wraps,bows,hats go. I have it all, you are welcome to bring anything you’d like though!

See you soon in my studio!

Best regards,


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