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Maternity Guide - What to expect during your maternity photos session

Updated: Mar 5

Professional Maternity Photography in Calgary, Alberta

When is best to schedule a maternity session?

  • Most client schedule their maternity photos session between 28 - 34 weeks. It's all depends on how much you're showing. First time moms usually don't show much until 30 weeks while second (or multiple times) moms tend to show much earlier. One more factor that could affect how soon you should schedule a maternity session is early labor. If you have a history of giving birth your firstborn early, consider to schedule a maternity early just in case.

Pregnant mom, sitting, beautiful, first time mom, first baby, Calgary studio, photography, maternity photo shoot

How to prepare for the maternity session?

  • I will send you a questionnaire, or a phone consultation to understand what you want to capture during the photo shoot. We will go through outfits options for you and your partner, and older siblings if you have any. I do have a large collection of maternity gowns for my clients so you don't need to worry about outfits for mom.

  • Bring a nude color bra and thong if you want to wear dresses that open on belly.

  • Bring Vaseline to create a shiny skin effect in photos, adding a subtle sheen to the skin.

  • If you have a toddler, bring your phone and charger, and snacks! I will start family portion at the beginning of the session so once big brother/sister is done with the photo shoot, they will enjoy their favorite show on the couch.

What is a maternity session like?

It will be fun! We will have a pre-shoot consultation to get to know each other, establish rules and expectation, discuss about what you want to achieve with the shoot, what is your story. There will be no surprises during the photo shoot, you will get exactly what you want!


  • Most maternity sessions are around 1 hour.

  • If you have a toddler or bring extended family members, it would take up to 1.5 hour.


  • Preview gallery will be sent after 1 week of the session. Once you select your favorite photos, fully edited photos will sent to you 1 week later.

  • Albums and wall arts are expected to be delivered 3-4 weeks after your ordering.

Pregnant mom, sitting, beautiful, first time mom, first baby, Calgary studio, photography, maternity photo shoot

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