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How Much Does Newborn Photos Cost in Calgary?

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

There is not a fixed number for this service.

The price of a newborn photo shoot can vary widely depending on several factors, including the photographer's experience, location, the duration of the session, and the inclusion of products or prints. In Calgary, prices can go from $125 to $5K.

Let's dive in the reason why newborn photography is so expensive!

Calgary Newborn Photographer Newborn Photography
Newborn Photos


I believe this is the most important factor that parents should be consider when choosing a newborn photographer. An experienced newborn photographer understands how to handle and pose a baby safely, minimizing any risks during the photo shoot.

Your baby is only that tiny for a very short time. You won't have a chance to "re-do" a newborn session if you are not happy with the first choice newborn photographer. Choose the best newborn photography Calgary right from the begin.


Calgary is one of the biggest city in Canada, therefore, the price for newborn photography service in Calgary may be higher than in Edmonton, for example.

The Amount of Photos That You Want

Many photographers in Calgary offer packages that include different amount of photos. If you are on a budget, you should consider buying less but still good quality photos. Quality over quantity, you know.

Do You Want Physical Products?

The cost of prints product can be from $500 to 5k but it it totally worth it. If you can afford for high quality products, DO IT.

Your next question maybe "When to book a newborn photo session?" Here is another of my blog to help you answer this question.

Have more questions for me? Let's get in touch!

Tiara Tran Photography is a photography studio located in NW Calgary. We are specialized in maternity and newborn photography with over 5 years experience in the industry.

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